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What you water will grow

We are thrilled to see Hippie Hounds continue to grow and thrive. We have so many exciting new things happening in 2022, so let's take a look:

  • New industrial equipment: Mixer, oven, printers, and more! We are full-steam ahead to provide our products to dogs and cats internationally!

  • Education Station: we are working closely with Veterinary Cannabis Education & Consulting as our CEO takes over as their learning manager. She is blessed to provide cannabis education to her colleagues in Veterinary medicine.

  • Lunch & Learning: Our CEO is providing education in clinics across the South to help veterinarians find a reliable option for hemp products and incorporate our treats into multi-modal treatment plans.

  • Stacy is now our Chief Operations Officer and she is so excited to take on this new role!

  • Rylee is our new head of Public Relations & Marketing! Get excited for our stronger hand on social media and more ways to interact with your Hippie Hounds Gang!

  • We are now in South Carolina and adding more locations every day! If you're interested in carrying Hippie Hounds, call us at 479-235-0403!

Thank you for supporting Hippie Hounds and keep an eye out for more fun and exciting updates!

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