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How do I talk to my veterinarian about cannabis?

Discussing cannabis options for your dog- such as CBD or hemp products- can be an awkward and tricky situation to navigate. This day in age people seem to have varying opinions on cannabis efficacy, specifics in legislation, and clinical trials vs anecdotal evidence. 

During my four years of owning Hippie Hounds I have had the pleasure of seeing cannabis work for hounds who suffer from a wide variety of ailments. Cases ranging from cancer to arthritis to anxiety (and more) have found relief with our full-spectrum hemp and oftentimes- their Veterinarian recommended us. 

When I first stepped into Veterinary Cannabis it was very taboo. Veterinarians feared that discussing CBD as an option could jeopardize their license, so they preferred to take the backseat and refrain from discussing it altogether. Thankfully, the propaganda has begun to fade and Veterinarians now realize that cannabinoids are another tool in their arsenal when it comes to providing the best treatment for their patients. 

So, how do you bring it up? 

Ask your Veterinarian if they see the therapeutic potential of CBD or hemp. You may get any number of reactions. Some may be very supportive and help you decide on the best product for your dog. Others may get uncomfortable and not want to talk about it. The best thing you can do is find a Veterinarian that aligns with you. 


If your Veterinarian is against discussing cannabis- you aren’t out of luck! The American Association of Veterinary State Boards released a document in 2020 that outlines the

guidelines for CBD administration for Companion Animals. This document provides information on testing, safety, and how to select the best product possible. 

A quote from the document states: “All CBD products are not manufactured using the same processes; a Veterinarian remains responsible for the safety of any product they are recommending for their patients. If a Veterinarian is recommending a specific CBD product it is the responsibility of the Veterinarian to verify that the product has been tested for safety and accuracy of the label and quality of the product being within allowable limits of contaminants, such as pesticides and heavy metals by an independent third-party laboratory accredited by the state/province/federal government if available.”

AAVSB Guidance Document for CBD Use on Companion Animals (3)
Download PDF • 279KB

Clinical Trials have also been conducted both nationally and internationally for the efficacy of CBD/Hemp based products for animals. Not all products are created equal, so involving your Veterinarian in the conversation can help you make the best decision for your dog. Your hound is relying on you to be their advocate, so always review all possible treatment options for your animals under the supervision of your Veterinarian. Be sure to keep in mind that all people are different- and so are all doctors, so find the one that is right for you!

By: Andrea Harris, CEO of Hippie Hounds.

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