We have a recommended starting dose based off weight listed on our packaging. 2.5mg for up to 20 pounds. 5mg for 21-50 pounds. 10mg for 51-80 pounds. Cannabis medicine is dosed based off severity of symptoms, not size. Dose varies based off personal needs. Our treats take 30-45 minutes after administration to become effective. Contact our office with any comments, questions, or concerns. 



Hippie Hounds products are found in Veterinary clinics, cannabis dispensaries, grooming salons, CBD stores, and more. If you're interested in carrying our products in your store contact


Hippie Hounds

It is our goal to change the stigma surrounding cannabis medicine. We hope to educate the public to explore holistic and plant medicine as an alternative therapy. Interested in carrying Hippie Hounds? Click the link below.

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