Hippie Hounds is owned and operated by Andrea Harris. Andrea attended the Veterinary Technology program at Arkansas State University Beebe before launching her career in general practice. Her experience took her to several general practices, shelter medicine, critical care, and emergency. 

Why cannabis? A Medical Marijuana patient herself, Andrea knew the impact cannabis could have first hand. She helped a number of her friends obtain their MMJ cards and she watched them no longer require pharmaceuticals to treat pain, depression, insomnia, anxiety, inflammation, and even seizures. She was at a dog show and noticed the anxious behavior of her friend, and her friends dog. She watched as the dog lunged from inside the kennel as dogs would walk by. Fear aggression, simply put the dog acted out in aggression because it was scared of the situation. Andrea carefully asked if she could give the dog part of her own handmade cannabis treat. About an hour after administration, Andrea noticed the kennel was silent as the other dogs walked by. Her friend hesitantly agreed to let her show dog, so she clipped on his leash and headed for the ring. No lunging, no fear, just calm. Andrea's jaw must have hit the floor as this fearful creature took the ring by storm. The judge was able to touch the dog and he successfully showed with 8 other dogs in the ring. The most incredible part of this story is that dog went on to show, now every single weekend, without ever needing cannabis again. 

Andrea launched Hippie Hounds LLC in December of 2019. She completed the Veterinary Cannabis Counselor course from Veterinary Cannabis Education and Consulting in Denver, Colorado in 2020. This program took an in depth look at product testing, laws, dosing, blood work, current research, and more. With a strong grasp on the legal landscape, Andrea's treats began to adorn the shelves of Veterinary clinics, cannabis dispensaries, CBD stores, grooming facilities, and pet boutiques. 

Hippie Hounds is also working on drafting a bill to protect Veterinarians that discuss and recommend cannabis as a means of treatment for their patients. Tentatively called, "Veterinary Cannabis Compassion Act" will give Veterinarians the tools they need to effectively treat their patients, without fear of jeopardizing their license. This bill will also ensure the board sets guidelines for Veterinarians recommending cannabis within an established Veterinary-Client-Patient-Relationship. Our goal is to further research and knowledge throughout the healthcare system regarding medicinal cannabis. For more information, or to get involved, contact Andrea@hippiehoundstreats.com


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