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Hippie Hounds

Hippie Hounds manufactures full-spectrum, human grade, hemp products for animals. We are located in a 3,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Conway, Arkansas. Hippie Hounds prioritizes integrity, quality, and compassionate care. 

At Hippie Hounds, we put your dog first. We're available to answer emails and phone calls about incorporating our products into your dogs treatment plan. We offer consultations on dosing, contraindication medications, and more!


Contact our office today at (479) 235-0403 or email

Our facility is open Monday-Friday 8am-7pm.

We are closed most major holidays.

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Our Origin Story

Hippie Hounds was founded by Andrea Harris in 2019. In 2018 the Farm Bill was passed, and hemp products marketed to dogs began to flood every store. Andrea was working as an Emergency Veterinary Technician, and she had concern for her patients as she saw a lack of communication from Veterinarians about the therapeutic potential of hemp for hounds. Pet Parents were giving their dogs products that weren't effective, layering hemp with medications, and the veterinarian was being left out of the conversation. 

Andrea specialized in Veterinary Cannabis and began guiding pet parents in utilizing cannabis medicine for their animals. She knew that a hemp could provide better relief for her patients than harsh pharmaceuticals, but no one was manufacturing products that met her standards. Andrea decided to formulate products herself!  She designed her treats with human grade ingredients, full-spectrum hemp oil, and pure love for the dogs she continues to serve. 

Hippie Hounds grew faster than expected! Andrea sold her first few bags in ziploc bags and within a matter of weeks she had to quit her Vet Tech job to keep up with production. A few months later she upgraded to a bigger house and made the extra bedroom her production facility. 

In 2021 Andrea moved into the first Hippie Hounds manufacturing facility. Our small first location served us well and by 2023 we upgraded into a larger facility to service larger retail facilities, distribution centers, and most importantly... MORE DOGS!

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