Hippie Hounds was created to provide a safe, dependable option for medicating your canine with cannabis and to offer consulting to guarantee that your dogs all around health is the top priority!



  • Offer a product that every animal can enjoy, do you have a specific dietary restriction? New medium you'd like to see us provide? Please send us a message!

  • Hippie hounds hopes to continue research into terpene and cannabinoid profiles to fit specific symptoms. Allowing for a customized treatment plan.

  • Beginning therapeutic behavior rehabilitation using cannabis. 

  • Interested in involving your pet in clinical trials or case studies? Contact our office today for screening requirements and more information. 


Our Story

          Hippie Hounds is a cannabis based dog treat company, as well as providing consultation services to Veterinarians and owners that are not familiar with cannabis medicine.  ​The legalization of cannabis and the 2018 Farm Bill shed light on how desperately cannabis needed to be part of the conversation in Veterinary hospitals. Harm reduction education and being involved in the totality of patient care meant that Andrea needed to do something, and fast!

          Andrea is the owner and CEO of Hippie Hounds LLC. Andrea has worked with canines as a handler, trainer, dog walker, kennel assistant, veterinary assistant, and everything in between. Her love of animals sent her around the world to South Africa to teach animal technician students and provide vaccine outreach to local villages. She was even chosen to lead her own workshop on dog training to emphasis the mental capacity of these incredible animals and bridge the gap between human and canine communication. Funny enough, this recipe (minus the hemp oil) is what Andrea sold to raise the money to get her to Africa in 2018. 


           Why cannabis? Andrea is a medical marijuana patient in Arkansas. As she began to truly medicate with cannabis she witnessed her quality of life improve and quickly she no longer required any pharmaceuticals. Andrea was attending a dog show and she noticed a dog struggling with severe fear aggression. The owner, a friend of Andrea's, seemed at her wits end and she tried all she could to soothe the creature. They decided to give the dog an edible containing a long list of cannabinoids. Within thirty minutes the dog rested easily in the kennel, showed in the ring with 8 other dogs, and allowed the judge to place his hands on him. Andrea watched in awe as the positive experience made a true impact on this animal. That dog has shown successfully over 20 times since without requiring cannabis, with no sign of aggression or fear. One positive experience, with the assistance of cannabis, made all the difference. A similar story involving a high drive, 2 year old, German Shepherd with a broken pelvis drew fascinating results. One edible a day and cage rest was a breeze!

             This led Andrea down the path of certification as a Veterinary Cannabis Counselor. She can now be found budtending at the local cannabis dispensary or pulling long shifts at the Veterinary ER. The need for education about cannabis within the veterinary community and to offer a product that put the patients first, is what pushed her to launch Hippie Hounds in 2020!




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