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THC & Dogs

“Around the five- or six-month mark, the oral cancer started to get so large that it took up his entire face,” says Dr. Hazzah. “The bladder cancer was getting worse, lymphoma was static. The owners went over the options again, and one of the things we discussed was cannabis. As an integrative oncologist I felt that I should guide them through the process to make sure it was safe. The dog was less than 20 pounds, so he had 1 mg of THC and 1 mg of CBD, twice a day, along with targeted therapy.”

I came across this article about Dr. Hazzah over the weekend. I've attended many of her lectures and her insights were utilized throughout the Veterinary Cannabis Counselor Certification that I earned back in 2020. Dr. Hazzah is an incredible oncologist who has been using cannabinoids to combat cancer, interestingly enough she has found that THC has an indisputable impact on cancer cells.

When it comes to THC and dogs, I know THC has its place. Most dogs have a sensitive ECS, and of course I would never recommend administering your dog straight THC. That can cause an intoxication and always involve a DVM or VCC (like me) in the conversation. For most dogs the CBD and some minors does plenty of work for them without pushing the THC ratio.

In Dr. Hazzah's case, she saw that the addition of THC actually induced apoptosis and autophagy-- thus killing cancer cells. So, the medical benefit is ASTOUNDING. Just like us they grow a tolerance, under her guidance she eases them into it with a methodical treatment plan.

I made a 1:1 for a pitbull with heartworms a year or 2 back. The dog needed mandatory

cage rest or risk cardiopulmonary complications. We slow stepped there after trying over 60mg of full-spec hemp. Cage rest was a breeze on the 1:1, no intoxication symptoms and she would actually wag her tail and ask for the tincture, then go to her kennel. Her Mom was so grateful, and she really benefited from the formula.

Hippie Hounds products are full-spectrum hemp. They contain TRACE amounts of THC, less than 0.3%. The Entourage Effect is why you see our products work above our competitors who use CBD isolate.

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