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Keeping a Journal

Hello everyone! I'm sure you're wondering what sort of journal I am referring to. Manifestation journal? Goal journal? Thoughts?

Not today ladies and gentleman. Today we are discussing the patient journal. This is not only great information for your hound but also for YOU!

When initiating cannabis therapy it is wise to jot down how the cannabis is impacting you. Maybe you're feeling an increase or decrease in activity level. Cotton-mouth? Hunger or sleep issues? All of these things can drastically impact your life and your pets life. It's time to start staying on top of it.

Another important thing to record is dose and time of administration. What product (so you know the cannabinoids and terpenes) but also how much and what time? If we keep an accurate record we can begin to see what amount, time, and product will optimize the results I am looking for. This is what sends humans to consume different strains to achieve desired effect, but with animals the product is JUST AS IMPORTANT.

If you're curious on where to start or interested in the template we offer, you can find our patient journals on our website:

Keep your log up-to-date by jotting quick notes daily, both at the time of administration and any other moments that stand out to you. This is your journey into the totality of wellness, don't you want to keep track of it?

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