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Aspen is an 18 month old, mixed breed dog. She was rescued when she was found chained to a tree outside of an abandoned house. She was diagnosed with heartworms upon her rescue and she now must undergo treatment. Heartworm treatment consists of several months of recommended cage rest or you risk cardiopulmonary complications. Traditional pharmaceuticals weren't working, so her new Mom turned to Hippie Hounds. This picture is of sweet Aspen resting comfortably when properly medicated with cannabis. Cage rest is now a breeze!

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Apollo is a young dog that suffers from chronic pain. His severe hip dysplasia has impacted him to the point that he struggles to go outside to urinate and defecate. When his owner decided to try Hippie Hounds she was amazed that he was walking and PLAYING with the other dogs! His disposition improved and he was no longer in pain. 



Spock's owner came to us because he was suffering from seizures. He was taking phenobarbital twice daily in an attempt to control them. The medication wasn't working, Spock was still having seizures and his owner was looking for a natural solution. Spock has been seizure free since starting our tincture several months ago! He is his happy, loving self and no longer requires pharmaceuticals. 



Sooki is a brand ambassador for Hippie Hounds! She has been using our treats since our first efficacy trial. Her Dad always keeps a bag in the fridge to combat storm and firework anxiety. 4th of July was a breeze and Sooki was able to sleep soundly through the night. She is more sensitive to typically prescribed pharmaceuticals and the same is true for her CBD dose. A 35 pound dog, she only requires the 2.5mg treats. 



Phinn is a beautiful dog that suffers from arthritis. Here's a word from his Mom after giving our treats a try, "He's the former weiner takes all 2014 champion. He's 8 and was having some arthritis, so we wanted to try the treats! You better believe we will buy more!!"



Pete has suffered from anxiety and severe allergies since he was adopted! His Mom was running out of options when Apoquel, Benadryl, allergy shots, etc weren't working. A word from his Mom, "He now has been on CBD oil (once a day in his food) for a bit over a month and he’s like a completely different dog. Went from basically hairless and couldn’t take a step without sneezing, to a healthy and much happier boy." 



Brie is owned by our CEO! An avid hiker, Brie had both of her cranial cruciate ligaments rupture on a trail when she was 2 years old. She had a bilateral TPLO surgery and suffers from a mild limp that worsens with weather and wear. She takes a 10mg treat twice daily and no longer limps during exercise!  



Truman's story brought me to tears. His Mom reached out to me this week and told me, "Our vet didn't expect him to live 2 weeks, we're now at almost 3 months later. He's eating and playing since we started using your treats." When I asked his Mom for some details, she said: 

"These treats have been such a blessing. He has Hemangiosarcoma, the spleen tumor is the size of a youth soccer ball. Truman was in unbearable pain and couldn't eat, wasn't himself at all.

The pain meds he was on were making him worse. There were a few nights we weren't sure he would live through the night. We were told he wouldn't likely survive surgery so we declined given the invasive nature and grim outcome. He's back to about 70% and having mostly good days. The results were almost immediate after giving the treats."



He will be 12 in March. He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 4 and now has severe osteoarthritis in his hips. He has a slight “wobble” when he walks from his hip dysplasia but we noticed his pain when he wasn’t running as much, not jumping up on couch but instead pulling up slowly, unable to jump on the bed, and stiff standing up after laying down for long periods of time. The first symptom was when we would notice him limping after playing fetch (because you know retriever probs) he would have a slight limp. His Mom is ON TOP of things and he has been on j/d food and joint supplements for years as well as NSAIDs. She gave Hippie Hounds a try for Jak and noticed him moving around better within the first hour of giving him his first treat! The next day, Hippie Hounds woke up to this message from her:

"Jak was feeling well enough to jump up to get 2 lbs of defrosting hamburger meat off the counter. He has not been able to jump much at all and I’m using a ramp to get him in and out of my car. Now he’s acting like a crazy lab again!"



Zoe is a 14 year old, mixed breed dog. Her pet parent reports that, "She started having seizures last August and began taking Levetiracetam. She was still having 1-2 seizures every 20-25 days on the medication. We started her on the hippie hounds tincture along with her medication and she has had only 1 seizure in a 3 month period. We are so happy it has helped her."



Bizzy is 15 years old. Her Mom sent us this message: 

"I've finally been religiously giving Bizzy her Hippie Hounds treats for the past three weeks. Half of a 5mg in the morning and half in the evening. She's been brighter and much happier in the mornings." She went on to share with us that while her mother in law kept an eye on her dogs, "Bizzy and Gimli were playing and running up and down the hall. Bizzy hasn't done that in over a year!"



Fireball is a 6 year old AQHA mare. Here's a word from her Mom:

"Fireball was getting to be mare-ish, making her irritated and overall anxious. She started not wanting to load in the trailer and just wasn't acting her usual happy-go-lucky self. Now that she's been on the tincture for about a month, trailering is no biggie for her and her attitude is much more at ease!"



Scooby was diagnosed with anorexia in the past and struggles to eat from time to time. Her Mom felt it was best to take her off a grain free diet and switch to a more balanced diet. In doing so, the anorexia flared up and Scooby began to refuse food. Let's hear what Mom had to say, "We started the tincture just to see if it would increase his appetite and he is eating now with no complaint. His coat is shiny and not dull. Hippie Hounds has also become one of his favorite little treats!"



Kimmy is a 10 year old, spayed female, domestic shorthair feline. Her Mom is a Certified Veterinary Technician in Arkansas, let's hear what she has to say:

"Kimmy has struggled since she was about a year old with occasional aggression, high stress, and anxiety. We've tried medication and a calming prescription diet foods well as 'Feliway' and minimizing stresses as much as possible. Over the last year we have moved, lived in a camper in which she had to sleep in a kennel at night, then moved back into a house. We have a baby on the way. Our life is almost always crazy but the last several months she has started over grooming and she now has very little fur on her front legs and abdomen, she has become reclusive and some days I can't find her. She won't play with toys and doesn't eat very well. She has become more of a biter and with a new baby coming we had to do something..... Since starting her on the Hippie Hounds tincture everything is better. She is playing again, she is being cuddly and will snuggle now, she doesn't hide and her appetite is much better! She hasn't lashed out and attacked the dog (or us) in weeks and her body language is calmer. Her eyes are no longer consistently dilated and her tail doesn't constantly swish anymore. She has a more relaxed facial expression and all over demeanor. "



Bosco has been rehomed multiple times in the past 2 years due to his severe anxiety and fear aggression. He was unable to safely interact with other dogs, be put in a crate because he would bark no stop to the point of making himself sick and dig at the cage until his feet would bleed. Bosco was miserable and despite professional training, nothing seemed to help and Bosco's owner was considering euthanasia. But all that changed when Bosco was introduced to canine cannabis, Hippie Hounds has given Bosco his quality of life back, he is now successfully living in his forever home peacefully sharing it with other furry friends and is 100% crate trained. Thank you Hippie Hounds for giving Bosco hope, his life will forever be changed!



Meet Lulu and let's hear what her Mom has to say:

"My old girl is acting young again. I was trying to make her stay calm and not run and jump. Omg. I can’t. She won’t use her steps to the bed now. Jumps right up. I’m scared that she’s doin too much. Get this. She even grabbed a toy out the toy box and came to play. That hasn’t happened in almost a year. I just want her to stay happy and pain free. Thank you so much for your wonderful product."

Mom also added that the treats helped with her storm anxiety and with her allergies! She is no longer chewing her feet or trembling! We are OVERJOYED!

"These treats have already helped my Winky with his anxiety so much. We were using other CBD treats but they just weren't cutting it. With Hippie Hounds I know I'm getting what I paid for- and supporting local."


"Tell her THANK YOU!! Their Mollie would almost have a heart attack and claw them to death!! Now she's peaceful during fireworks!"



"Thank you so much for these treats. I have a Sheepadoodle that hurt his leg and the vet was giving him everything for pain with not much response. I bought these and it made a world of difference for Kayne. I also have a dog that is terrified of rain and these helped calm her the last time it rained!! I will definitely repurchase!!! Thank you so much for making these treats to help my babies"               



FDA Disclaimer

The FDA has not approved hemp to cure, prevent, or treat any diseases. Please contact our office for information on current clinical trials.E-mail 

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