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What's up Spock?

Hippie Hounds has had the pleasure of helping a myriad of canines. From cancer cases to chronic pain, we are proud to bring a holistic approach to common ailments our furry-friends suffer from. We are celebrating with Spock for reaching over 6 months of SEIZURE FREE life with our full-spectrum hemp oil.

Spock's Dad came to me exasperated. He had tried everything to stop his best friend from having traumatic seizure episodes. Spock was taking over 16 milligrams of Phenobarbitol twice daily and was continuing to suffer from seizures. Seeking relief and a holistic approach, he called Hippie Hounds.

We started Spock on a full-spectrum hemp tincture, 16mg CBD twice daily. We were jumping with joy when he went his first 30 days seizure free, but our jaws hit the floor as it became 100 days! Spock has been on our tinctures since Fall 2020 and his Dad couldn't be happier with the results.

The FDA has not approved hemp to cure, prevent, or treat any diseases. We recommend consulting with your veterinary team prior to implementing changes in established treatment plants. Our Veterinary Cannabis Counselor is available to work with your primary veterinarian to help utilize hemp for your hound.

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