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Our Grand Opening!

WOW! I want to start off by saying, "Thank you." To each and every person that has believed in me throughout this journey. When I made my first batch of Hippie Hounds Treats I knew that these cookies would provide relief for hounds that otherwise were suffering.

I laced up my shoes and hit the ground running, ready to tackle anything that was thrown my way. I started in my tiny, 2 bedroom, making treats in the living room and drastically overusing my oven! Within two months I had to get a larger house and now that my treats have dominated the market for a year: we step foot into the new Hippie Hounds building! I am over the moon.

I am now an employer and these two lovely ladies are making treats around the clock! I was able to hire cannabis advocates and provide a safe work place for women like me. Not only are we helping hounds, but now we are helping women and that's always been a huge goal for me. We had our Grand Opening on August 28th. Live music, goodie bags, shopping, local artists, and more! It was celebration station and I was in awe at how amazing my staff handled the situation. Hippie Hounds is in full swing and now it's time to set our next list of goals.

Hippie Hounds is more than just dog treats. I, Andrea, have worked with dogs as a trainer, handler, veterinary technician, and more! Dogs speak my language and I feel it is my calling to provide them with a natural approach to common ailments. From cancer patients to seizure disorders to anxiety and to pain, full-spectrum hemp can make all the difference for your hound. Hippie Hounds is open for business! Be sure to come by and visit us at 900 Alford St, Suite B in Conway, AR.

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