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CBD is one cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. CBD has been all the craze for the last few years, once the 2018 Farm Bill allowed for federal legalization of hemp. Hemp and Marijuana are both of the genus, cannabis. Hemp is commonly known for its higher levels of CBD, where Marijuana is known for its high levels of THC. The current landscape for CBD is drastically unregulated, with animal products requiring no testing prior to sale. With doctors nervous to discuss it and lack of regulation, you’re leaving consumers to the mercy of skillful marketing. An educated consumer would look for certain types of testing, and certain lab certifications where that testing is performed. Where is that hemp grown? Is the testing laboratory ISO certified? Does the certificate of analysis include “freedom from” testing? These are all questions that we should be asking, or with proper scheduling, that’s something that should be regulated.

THC Toxicities

Animal Endocannabinoid systems are extremely sensitive. Their smaller stature leaves their tolerance level much lower than humans. THC toxicity is a common presenting complaint in veterinary emergency rooms throughout the United States. Common symptoms include dilated pupils, bradycardia or tachycardia, lethargy, lack of balance, incontinence, and dehydration. Canines have a tendency to seem like they’re nodding off and begin to sway back and forth. An overdramatized startled response may be observed when introduced to stimuli. It is common to see a THC toxicity coupled with a xylitol toxicity. Xylitol is found in chocolates and edibles, a sugar that is toxic to dogs. If a dog ingests xylitol and is immediately treated, your Veterinarian will likely induce vomiting and administer charcoal. Fluid therapy and hospitalization may also be recommended. The potential for intoxication is not limited to edibles, canines could potentially be exposed to partially smoked joints, bong water, cheesecloth, pipes, and ashtrays. It’s important to keep your animal safe and store these items in a safe location.

Knowledge is power, include your Veterinarian in the conversation about cannabis.

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